HDB BTO 4 Rm - Roller Blinds

Living Room - Curtains

3 Bedrooms - Roller Blinds

Up to 27 designs available.

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Curtains and Roller Blinds Package Price: from $1,080.00 (4 Room HDB BTO)

Q: We are interested in purchasing your curtains & roller blinds package. Any extra cost that we need to know?
A: No, There are no extra costs. Curtains for living room and roller blinds for the 3 bedrooms.

Q: Does your roller blinds price include toilet, kitchen & balcony?
A: Our price ONLY include the bedrooms windows.

Other Information

We have a year warranty on all our curtains and blinds packages.

Q: Is there any need to pay extra cost or that is the net for the GST?
A: There is no need for the payment of extra cost. The price is net price and no other cost is involved.

Q: Do I need to take my own measurement for my entire window?
A: Our window consultants will take the measurements of your windows.

Q: What are the roller blinds design available?
A: The best is to see and have a feel of the actual sample but you can view some of our design above.

Q: What time is required to complete the installation?
A: The installation of the curtains and roller blinds will take a day.

Q: How do I maintain and clean the curtains and roller blinds?
A: Our team will advice you on site how to maintain your new curtains and blinds.

Q: How do we make the payment?
A: We accept cash, cheque and bank transfer.

Q: Do you supply motorized roller blinds?
A: Yes, we do.

Q: I am about to get my key or my renovation is about to reach completion. How do I purchase?
A: Please give us a call to fix an appointment with our window consultants.


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